How to

How to add a gallery

Step by step, what we talked about on 05/15/14…

1. Create a “New Post“.

2. Title – be specific and keep it short if possible.

3. Permalink – make a note of it and make sure it has one.

4. “Add Media” – Upload your X images to the library.

a. Make sure the name works for you
b. Make sure there is something, minimal is fine, in the alt tag.

5. When uploaded, click “Create Gallery

6. Select images for gallery and then click “Create a new gallery” button in lower left hand corner

7. Review the gallery and reorder it if you like – be sure to specify “Media file” under the “Link to” preference.

8. Click “Insert gallery

9. click “Update” button on “Edit Post” screen to save the gallery.


How to “Edit” a gallery

Pretty much the same as above – just make sure you hit “Update” on every page you see it on, if you make changes.


How to Change the rotating images on the home page

1. Format your images to work – 1000 x 450

2. Under media on the left, choose “WP-Cycle”

3. Its pretty self explanitory – you can have as many as you want. At the top of the screen “Select a File: ” then “Upload”. Once its up add a link and then hit “Update” and its done.